Azrael Cythraul

Morue bounty hunter, deceased



Full name of Character: Azrael Cythraul
Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name: Azrael is the angel of death and Cythraul is Welsh for demon
Nickname: Azzy
Reason for nickname: Her childhood friend used to call her that.
Species: Morue
Occupation: Bounty hunter
Class: Lightweaver

.:|Physical Appearance|:.

Age: 19
How old they appear: 23
Eye Color: Ice blue
Glasses or contacts? Neither
Hair color length and style: Lower back, straight, side bangs, black-ish brown
Weight and height: 3’6" 35 lb.s
Type of body (build): Very small in looks, but is very strong in her arms, being able to swing a sword very fast
Skin tone and feathers: She has ivory skin and her feathers fade from black to white
Distinguishing marks: She has two long scars on her back that form an X shape


Azrael grew up in a small town called Sariel. She had a n older brother who moved away a couple years after she was born.

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Azrael Cythraul

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