Training the Refugee Resistance

The party made a bargain with the authorities in Aroguard. A minimum of 2/5 of the refugees will be trained in order to defend the town walls from siege. The remainder will begin the arduous process of start anew in the subterranean caverns, farms, and mines under the town. Each party member was assigned one or two resistance fighters which will lead the militia in the city’s defense. The fighters were taken to a swamp east of the city to train against fear. In the swamp they encountered poisonous yellow frogliths, both small and large – which spit dangerous acid at exposed skin. More dangerously, the party attracted the attention of a large Parapilley who immediately began to consume a dwarf fighter. Rescuing it at the last minute from the mouth of the beast, the party now seeks to down the beast and investigate the strange cavern which it seemed to be protecting.


Pathfinders Pathfinders

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