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Reality exists on the inside of a gigantic sphere. At the center, two enormous suns orbit one another. One sun is composed of heat and light. The other of cold and dark. All manner of geography, life, creature, and magic exist on the inside surface of the Sphere and in the caverns below. Outside of the sphere is endless void and madness.


Denizens of the Sphere widely believe that beings called “Artists” manufacture the reality in which they live. Artists are formless beings which are the source of all creation. Different societies worship the artists of their choice although most believe that Kophas, the Artist of balance, was the first. The number of artists is undetermined. The creative and destructive power of artists relative to one another is only loosely understood.


The reason that most denizens of the Sphere acknowledge the existence of Artists is from documented encounters with beings called “Proxies.” These otherworldly beings are immensely intelligent and vastly more powerful than all mortals. Proxies have been known to manifest into physical forms in order to influence reality on behalf of Artists. These events have tremendous impacts on all who are witnesses.

The Taxonomy

The Taxonomy is the way we organize information about the Sphere. It is similar to an encyclopedia with various headings.

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